Product Availability

The COVID-19 epidemic continues to evolve by the day. 

At this time, product availability may be reduced and some listed items may be out of stock. We are working to make all SunVilla products available again soon, and encourage you to use the "Notify Me" feature added to out-of-stock product pages to be alerted via email when products become available again.

Some of our collections are sold exclusively through Costco and Costco.com. For these collections, we do not have these available to purchase from SunVilla.com. 

Please keep checking back at Costco and Costco.com as they continue to get more inventory available.


If you find you are missing a piece needed to assemble your product or have assembly questions, please call us at 888-690-9800. We will be happy to replace the missing piece and have it shipped to you directly.

If you have questions or concerns about your order, please call us immediately at 888-690-9800.

Returns are permitted from items purchased from SunVilla.com within 30 days of receiving your product. You will be required to pay the cost of return shipping to our warehouse. The product must be returned in the original packaging, including any parts, accessories, or manuals to receive a full refund.

See our warranty page for complete details.

Shipping is included for all items, excluding orders to Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico.

SunVilla.com does not currently ship outside of the United States.

Shipping is included for all items, excluding orders to Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico.

Call us directly at 888-690-9800 or email service@sunvilla.com. We'll do our best to accommodate updates as long as the order has not yet shipped.

No, only one coupon can be applied to an order.

Product Questions

All SunVilla cushions are made using Sunbrella® fabric – the world leader in outdoor, UV stabilized, and colorfast performance fabrics. We recommend all cushions be brought in prior to inclement weather.

We recommend all outdoor furniture be covered when not in use.

Covers designed for SunVilla products are now available here! More sizes and styles are coming soon. Sign-up for SunVilla emails to be the first to know when they are available.

For questions on product availability, please call us at 888-690-9800.

If an item is not listed online, please call us at 888-690-9800 for additional product availability.

Please visit our registration page.


Wind guards are not necessary for SunVilla fire pit tables.

  • Make sure the propane tank is full, properly connected to the fire pit gas supply hose, and that the propane tank valve is turned on.
  • Push in the spark igniter switch to check that is making a clicking noise. If you do not hear a clicking sound, check to ensure the battery is properly installed. If the battery is properly installed, then replace the battery. If there is still no clicking sound, check to make sure the electrode wire is connected. If the problem still persists, the igniter may need to be cleaned or replaced.
  • Air may need to be purged from the gas supply hose. You can check if the air has been purged if you smell a faint odor of gas and hear hissing near the burner box. If you do not smell any gas, push in the gas valve knob until the air is fully purged from the gas supply hose.
  • Check for obstructions around the igniter cage and burner ring. Inspect burner tube holes for spider webs. You can clean the burner holes and pilot cage with a heavy duty pipe cleaner and compressed air to clear away debris.
  • In cold weather, the gas valve knob may need to be kept pushed in up to a minute after the pilot light is lit to warm up the flame sensor (thermocouple).

All SunVilla firepits can be hooked up to Natural Gas and include the required Natural Gas orifice. Installation and service must be performed by a qualified installer, service agency, or the gas supplier.

No, a propane tank is not included.

  • 50,000 BTUs (20 lb propane tank)
    • High-flame setting: About 8 hours and 30 minutes
    • Low-flame setting: Around 13 and a half hours
  • 70,000 BTUs (20 lb propane tank)
    • High-flame setting: Around 6 hours
    • Low-flame setting: Around 9 and half hours

Both fire glass and lava rocks are good heat conductors. Fire glass absorbs and gives off more heat than lava rocks, but lava rocks are much more affordable. Lava rocks are rustic and natural looking while fire glass is more modern and reflective looking. It is really up to the customer of the type of look they want for their patio.

No. You cannot burn wood in a propane fire pit. Unlike wood fire pits, propane fire pits are based off of a lower heat output. The intense heat of burning wood would cause damage to a propane fire pit and potentially to its surroundings.

No. Never use stones or rocks that are not specifically made for gas fire pits. Natural rocks and stones have a moisture content that will cause them to explode when heated.

No you should not cook over a gas fire pit. Food particles and grease can cling to the media and damage the burner.